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Two electrical engineers designed the first EESeal® in 1995. They didn’t want to create just another filtered connector, but they wanted a solution that could solve EMI/RFI, Transient Protection (ESD & Lightening) and other compliance problems almost instantly.

While most solutions increase cost and prolong lead times, EESeal® filtered insert connectors are proven to improve EMI and EMC performance, with delivery in as quick as 24 hours while saving 20-50% over the price of a filtered connector.

When you partner with Quell, you benefit from:

  • Quick turnaround – Samples in 24-48 hours
  • Cost-effective product – 20-50% cost saving over filtered connector solutions typical
  • Over 25 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise
  • Custom engineering for your products and applications

Whether you’re in the middle of the design process and want to avoid a costly board spin or in the lab facing a failed EMI or EMC test, our team will connect you with an immediate solution. We’ve built our operations around getting prototypes into your hands quickly.

EESeal® is a proven production solution with over 2.5 million shipped across the globe—will you be next? Contact Quell for rapid custom solutions for your critical electronics applications.

Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico

We have the engineering horsepower and manufacturing expertise to deliver EESeals quickly and cost-effectively.

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Backed by the industrial, defense, and electronics prowess of HEICO

After being acquired by HEICO in 2019, Quell has even more access to resources for manufacturing infrastructure and expertise to service even the most complex projects.

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