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EESeal Brochures & Product Information

  • Quell EESeal® Brochure 2016
  • Product Briefing for EESeal® EMI Filter Insert
  • EESeal® ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certification
  • Standards Testing in Harsh Environments (Infographic)


EESeal Case Studies

  • Military Vehicle Passes RE102 EMC Test with Help of EESeal
  • Mitigating EMI Takes More than Blind Luck (Aeronautics)


EESeal Data Sheets

  • EESeal® Data Sheet
  • EESeal® Data Sheet – Japanese


EESeal Instructions

  • EESeal® insertion instructions for Circular Connectors
  • EESeal® insertion instructions for DSub Connectors
  • EESeal® insertion instructions for MDM Connectors
  • EESeal® extraction instructions for Circular Connectors


EESeal Performance, Test Results & Reports

  • EESeal® Performance
  • Summary of environmental testing performed on EESeal®
  • EESeal® Environmental Test Reports (19.5MB Zip)
  • Thermal Outgassing Report – Sept 2010
  • Thermal Outgassing Report – Feb 2017
  • EESeal® 84 Day Fungus Growth – MIL-STD-810F Test Results
  • Quell RoHS REACH Statement
  • SKYDROL Fluid Immersion Test
  • EESeal® Flammability Test Results
  • Examples of Quell EESeal® EMI Filter Insert MIL-STD-461 Test Results


Technical Whitepapers

  • Designing Aeronautics for EMC
  • A Simple EMI Filter Solution


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