Turn Any Connector
into a Filtered Connector

Easy, slip-on filter inserts add EMI or transient protection to your connector in seconds.

Try the instant EMI/EMC fix-it used in 1 million+ products.

Get the performance of a filtered connector, without a filtered connector

EMI filter inserts can save you 25–50% over the development cycle. Fix common EMI & ESD compliance problems early in the design process with a lightweight, cost-effective alternative to bulky filtered connectors.

A simple, pop-on installation

No soldering, no redesigns, no tools required. With our ultra-thin silicone inserts, you can instantly convert a standard circular, D-Sub, Micro-D, or MDM connector into a filtered one.

How can EESeal® fix a failed EMI test?

You’re at a test facility and your design fails. Don’t pack up and return months later with an over-budget redesign. Call us before 12p ET. With an EESeal® connector retrofit, you can meet or exceed EMI requirements in less than 24 hours.

Get a customized filter insert in your hands tomorrow

When you’re facing EMI issues, you need an answer now. Get a rapid prototype, built to solve your exact problem, in your hands now.

How EESeal® EMI Filter Inserts Work

Installs in seconds, using only your fingertip

Virtually invisible, adds <1 gram to your connector weight

Ready for the rigors of space, sea, or desert: Ruggedized against shock, fluid immersion, vibration

Silicone construction mimics pin layout, naturally adjusting to pin mismatches and alignment

See Why There Are Over
1 Million EESeals in the Field Today

“Wow! We got improvement in our problem areas, much better than I expected.
As close to a silver bullet as I’ve ever seen!
Excellent product from a company with excellent customer service.”


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