EESeal® EMI Filter Installation For DSub Connectors

The design and construction of EESeal® FilterSeals makes them easy to install by hand, without special tools, but care is needed to ensure proper insertion. Most EESeals are equally easy to extract; view extraction instructions.

All you need is your finger tip and 30 seconds to install an EESeal® FilterSeal EMI Filter!

EESeal® EMI Filter Installation For DSubminiature Connectors

Printable Installation Instructions for DSub Connectors

Not the right connector type? View Instructions for Circular Connectors or MDM Connectors.

Step 1.

Which side is UP?
If your EESeal® has a blank side with no printing on it, the blank side is up and visible once the EESeal® is inserted.If both sides of your EESeal® have printing on them, then the side with the EESeal® logo is facing up and is visible after the EESeal is inserted.

Image showing which side of the EESeal EMI Filter Insert should be facing up and which should face down in the DSub connector. If the insert is blank on one side, the blank side should face up with the logo on the bottom. If there is printing on both sides, the EESeal logo should face up.

Important Note: It is imperative that the EESeal® be inserted “right side up”. Failure to do so will prevent the EESeal® from working as it’s intended to, and may cause functional problems.

Step 2.

Orient the EESeal®.
With the correct side up, orient the EESeal® so its pinholes roughly correspond to the corresponding pins in the host connector. Most EESeals® have at least pin 1 (or pin A) marked to assist you in this orientation.

EESeal Orientation

Important Note: It is imperative that the EESeal® be inserted so its pinholes are aligned with the matching pins in the connector – pin 1 to pin 1, or pin A to pin A, and so on. Your EESeal® may have a different treatment for each pin, and proper orientation will ensure each pin gets the correct circuit connection.

Step 3.

PARTIALLY Insert the EESeal®.
Slightly cup the EESeal® so that Pin 1 (or pin A) can be easily slipped onto the corresponding pin in the host connector. Double-check that the correct EESeal® pinholes are going over the correct pins in the connector. Gently use your fingertip to push the EESeal® down just over the head of the pin, no further. Now simply press the rest of the pinheads into the EESeal® pinholes in the same manner. To make the EESeal® go on easily, notice that the EESeal® is intentionally oversized, so your pressing action should be towards (not away from) the pins already completed. Do not attempt to push the EESeal® down any further than just over the heads of the pins.

Match Shape of EESeal
Match the D shape of the EESeal to the D shape of the connector.
Partially insert just the tip
Partially insert just the tip of the pins into the pinholes

Step 4.

Fully Insert & Seat the EESeal®.
First, confirm that you can see the tip of each and every pin slightly poking through its corresponding EESeal® pinhole (if not, complete step 3 before proceeding). The EESeal® can be fully inserted and permanently seated by simply mating the connector pair. Now check the EESeal® to ensure it is flat at the bottom of the connector, with no folds along its edge or interior. It should appear like it belongs there. If you notice anything unusual, please contact us.

Fully Insert EESeal
Seat the EESeal so that all of the pins are fully exposed.

Questions? Please call (505) 243-1423 or email EESeal@Quell.US for help.