EESeal® to the Rescue

Our Products

Everything you need to solve your EMI/RFI compliance problems without expensive redesigns, board spins, or waiting out long lead times. With EESeal®, you can add custom circuitry to your connectors instantly.

EMI Filters

Quick-fix inserts are a fast, lightweight alternative to bulky EMI filter connectors and adapters.

Transient and ESD Protection

Inserts with TVS diode arrays and varistors add voltage suppression to your connector.


Conductive gaskets add grounding to your connector, tailored per pin.


Conductive gaskets add grounding to your connector, tailored per pin.

Filter Connector Solutions

Our wide range of noise mitigation products includes EMC and transient protection mounted in the rear of the connector.

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in Over 14,000+ Applications

“Just over the phone, they identified what the problem was and made a solution for it. Quell was really incredible. Their expertise, their help, it was critical.”

Louis Gabriel, Blind Luck Racing

How it Works

The silicone elastomer body of EESeal® slides over a connector’s existing pin layout like a glove.
Compression takes it from there: EESeals can change shape, adapt to misaligned pins, all while maintaining a snug environmental seal.

  • 360º conductive silicone contact around each pin
  • Multiple conductive silicone peripheral shell contacts
  • Individual components and interconnections move as the body changes shape
  • Body acts as conformal coat and electrical isolation for suspended components

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