High-Performance Attenuation and Frequency Mitigation

Facing a difficult high frequency mitigation requirement or need greater attenuation? EESeal+® is an exceedingly high dielectric constant silicone that creates a small (2-6pF) capacitor with virtually no inductance. They can be standalone or combined with a discrete device to attack both lower frequencies and provide filtering up to 100GHz.

Advantages of EESeal+®:

  • Add discrete or integral capacitors depending on design needs
  • Lowers contact resistance
  • Lowers inductance
  • Up to 45-50dB attenuation – Peak Frequency
  • Mitigation up to 20-40GHz
  • Nominal resistance less than 150 milliohms

Typical attenuation of a range of capacitors used in an EESeal+ device including both discrete and integral capacitors.  Integral capacitors are made using conductive silicone and a dielectric to achieve capacitance in the 2-6pF range.

In this example the target frequencies were from 50-200MHz with a peak outage at 80MHz.  Due to the differences in inductance between an EESeal and the EESeal+, a different capacitor value must be used. As you can see, the EESeal+ offers ~10dB of additional attenuation up and down the curve over the standard EESeal for this application.

Using the same capacitor in any EMI filter does not always give you the same performance. The attenuation using a discrete 4pF capacitor in an EESeal vs. the EESeal+ are very different. Integral capacitors can be used in the EESeal+ which have virtually zero inductance allowing for noise mitigation in the 10-100GHz range.

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