Every EESeal® is 100% Tested

Yes, you can have an EESeal® sample in 24 hours and ramp up to full production in 6–8 weeks (150–525% faster than other players in the industry).

In a rush? We can build production quantities in as little as five days. But that speed doesn’t mean you have to cut corners when it comes to quality. EESeal® meets strict quality standards—every pin of every EESeal is 100% tested.

  • Components and wiring are fully embedded in a protective silicone material. That means capacitors can’t “pop off” and won’t be damaged/cracked during installation or use.
  • EESeal® filter inserts withstand severe temperature ranges and exposure to many deterioration influences such as deleterious effects from ozone, chemicals, aging, UV, and more.
  • All external and internal wiring surfaces are fully plated with 50-70uin Au over Ni flash.
  • EESeals® are designed to accommodate severe misalignment and pin mismatch.
  • The highly conductive silicone pin contacts or shell contacts will not be over “sprung” by any overstress during installation or use (No “brittle” spring metal contacts e.g., BeCu).

Can EESeals Withstand the Harshest Environments?

Learn more about our extensive environmental testing.

Are EESeals RoHS / REACH Compliant?

See how we ensure full compliance with these important regulations in the European Union.

ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016

Let’s talk about these important quality certifications.

Lockheed Martin Quality Award

Telephonics Quarterly Performance Award

General Atomics Aeronautical Supplier Award

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