Environmental Testing

EESeals Withstand the Harshest Environments

EESeal® and EESeal+® are designed to withstand extremely harsh conditions. They meet or exceed the environmental requirements of most military and commercial connector specifications (e.g., D38999). These environmental and mechanical tests were conducted by independent laboratories with EESeals® mounted inside D38999 connectors showing that severe environments do not affect the integrity of EESeal® or the host connector. The testing below was completed for EESeal+® and Hybrid EESeals®.

Temperature Cycling

EIA-364-32, -55°C to 125°C, 5 cycles

Altitude Immersion

EIA-364-03, Mated connectors immersed in salt solution, 30 min. @ 75,000 ft, then 30 min. @ ambient pressure, 3 cycles

Salt Spray –
Dynamic Test

EIA/ECA-364-26, 95°F for 452hr with connectors mated followed by 48hr with connectors unmated

Altitude – Low Temperature

EIA-364-105, -55°C, 100,000 ft


MIL-DTL-38999M Paragraph 4.5.8, 500 mate/demate cycles


EIA-364-28, Sine: 254mm/sec from 10-50Hz, 1.5mm double amplitude from 50- 140Hz, 60G from 140-2000Hz 4 hours/axis @ ambient temperature, 4 hours/axis @ -55°C, 4 hours/axis @ 125°C, total 3 axes

Random: Test Condition V, 2.4Hz @ 0.1G2/Hz to 100Hz @ 5G2/Hz to 300Hz @ 5G2/Hz to 2000Hz @ 0.1G2/Hz, 8 hours in longitudinal direction, 8 hours in a perpendicular direction, ambient temperature

Shock – Standard Shock

EIA-364-27, Half sine wave of 300 G ± 15 percent magnitude with a duration of 3 ± 1 milliseconds


EIA-364-31, Dynamic: 90-98% relative humidity, 25C to 65C, 10 cycles of 24hr each; 90-98% RH, -10C for 3hr during 5 of the first 9 cycles

Fluid Immersion

EIA-364-10, Fluids A-I, K with connectors mated


MIL-STD-810 Method 508.6., 28 days

Thermal Vacuum Outgassing

ASTM-E-595-07, TML <1%; CVCM <0.1%, Post bake required, 24 hours @300F


FAR 25.853

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