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Military Vehicle Passes RE102 EMC Test With Help of EESeal®

So you’re at an EMC facility and your design fails its tests. Do you pack things up and return months later for a retest?

With EESeal®, the team behind this military vehicle was able to solve the issue in less than two days, without ever leaving the lab.

Aboard Aircraft, Mitigating EMI Takes More Than Blind Luck

A team of aircraft racers encountered a serious problem—when they used the radio, the engine would stall mid-flight!

Fly alongside Blind Luck Racing to see how EESeal® was the quick fix that cleared them for takeoff.

When There’s No Other Option (and even when there is…) EESeals® Solve EMI Problems for This Test Facility

In an ideal world, every design would pass EMI testing on its first go. Of course, testing rarely goes perfectly the first time.

See how EMC Tempest, an EMI test facility in California, instantly retrofits failed connectors with a tiny, virtually invisible solution that works.

“You can’t sell a product if it doesn’t pass, and that’s why my clients choose Quell.”

Bryan Cowdell, Engineer at EMC Tempest

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