EESeal® Extraction Instructions

For Circular and DSubminiature Connectors

The EESeal® EMI Filter inserts are designed to be permanently installed in your connector and, once seated, will not come out unless intentionally extracted using a special two-sided double adhesive tape. The enclosed extractor-tape must be oriented correctly or the EESeal® may not be extracted. The tape is first applied to the mating connector (w/sockets), not the host connector (w/pins) that the EESeal® is inside. MDM-style EESeals® cannot be extracted without damaging the EESeal®.

Printable EESeal® Extraction Instructions

Step 1

  1. If the mating face of the mating connector (w/sockets) appears oily or dirty, clean it with Isopropyl Alcohol. Let dry.
  2. Hold the colored tab of the extractor-tape, while peeling off the brown paper liner.

Step 2

While holding the colored tab, carefully orient the extractor-tape over the mating connector (sticky side against the connector) so that the exterior shapes are closely aligned. Push firmly on all surfaces of the tape to ensure adequate adhesion.

Step 3

Again holding the colored tab, pull the tab laterally to carefully peel the clear plastic liner away from the underlying adhesive layer (the color tab stays on the liner, the underlying adhesive layer must stay adhered to the connector). Take extra care to avoid removing the underlying adhesive layer along with the colored tab and liner. The extractor-tape should now be stuck to the mating connector (w/sockets) with the adhesive exposed.

Step 4

Use a sharp tool such as a pin or sharp tweezers to poke through the tape at each socket location. Avoid touching the tape with your fingers, as the oil may prevent proper extraction. Carefully remove the colored tab without dislodging the tape.

Step 5

Fully mate the connectors (for DSub connector pairs, push them together forcefully for a few seconds to ensure proper adhesion).

Step 6

Leave the connectors mated for at least 10 minutes. Slowly de-mate the connectors. The EESeal® will be extracted from the host connector and adhered to the mating connector. If not, repeat step 4 and leave mated for at least 2 hours, then extract.

Step 7

Carefully peel the EESeal® from the mating connector. Use several short peeling motions, rather than a single high-tension pull, to reduce the stress on the EESeal®. The remaining adhesive is on a thin-film liner and will easily peel in one piece from the EESeal® and the connector.

Step 8

The EESeal® and the mating connector can be cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol if desired.


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