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Resolving Airborne EMI: Redesign or Retrofit

Sometimes test results in the laboratory are not always the outcome you expect. It can be challenging if a circuit redesign is needed or additional parts as this causes shipment delays. There is a workaround to save valuable time and maintain on-time delivery. Learn how to identify the EMI issues, the essentials of placing a filter, and a quick filtering technique solution.

Getting Ready for RTCA DO-160H
What Should “H” Include?

In this roundtable discussion, discover everything you need to know about the newest version of RTCA DO-160. The H incorporates more robust testing that will impact product designs. Designs that previously met DO-160F or G may not meet DO-160H. Explore aerospace standards and safety requirements in this discourse with RTCA members that specialize in EMI/EMC testing and design.

Designing Aeronautics for EMC

Today’s commercial aircraft can use upward of 6 million parts. Semiconductors, software controls, and high-frequency transmitters heavily affect electromagnetic compatibility. We review filter location, filter pin connectors, capacitors—and when to use insert filters—to pass the strict standards outlined by DO-160G.

A Simple EMI Filter Solution

Under pressure to correct a failed EMC test?

Filtered connectors can help reduce EMI, RFI, and transient signals. But they can be heavy, bulky, and costly. Filter inserts, which slip over connector pins, are a lightweight, fast-install alternative to unwieldy traditional filtered connectors. Learn how filter inserts work and how they can help you pass your next EMC test.

How to Select the Right Type of EMI Filter for Harsh Environment Operation

After days, months, maybe even years of design and production, you hit a failed MIL-461 compliance test. Do you head back to the drawing board and redesign? Not with this selection guide. Find out if a thin, lightweight, and cost-effective EMI filter insert (that can be in your hands in days, not weeks!) might help save your project.

Pre-compliance Validation of EESeal® in Your Application

Why wait until full-fledged EMC qualification testing to find issues in your product design? Learn how conducting a pre-compliance test with an EESeal® can improve your likelihood of passing EMC tests the first time.

How to Turn Your Connector Into a Filter

Electromagnetic interference can affect the performance of electronics, such as car radios during a thunderstorm or an LED strips causing TV picture distortion. Electronics need to perform optimally in an environment that is awash with electromagnetic interference. See how you can improve the performance of electronics by turning your connector into a filter.

Head Into the lab with confidence: MIL-STD-461 and RTCA-DO-160 Preparation for Test

Ace your next round of EMC tests with this “Ready for Test” checklist. You’ll learn how to select an EMC test laboratory, establish your procedures, assess equipment and much more in this comprehensive guide to MIL-STD-461 and RTCA-DO-160 test preparation.

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