Since our founding in 1994, Quell Corporation has been committed to providing top-quality EMI/RFI filters for a wide variety of connectors in the Military and High Reliability markets. Quality product is imperative to Quell internally as it is to all of our customers. This is the driving force behind our ISO9001 and AS9100 certification.

EESeal Manufacturing is ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified

ISO 9001 & AS9001

The inherent design of the EESeal® is the reason for such a robust product.

  • Components and wiring are fully embedded in protective silicone material
    • Capacitors can’t “pop off” and won’t be damaged/cracked during installation or use
  • Withstands severe temperature ranges and exposure to many deterioration influences such as ozone, chemicals, aging, UV…
  • All surfaces of external and internal wiring are fully plated with 50-70uin Au over Ni flash.
  • EESeals® are designed to accommodate severe misalignment and pin mismatch.
  • Contacts will not be over “sprung” by any overstress during installation or use (No “brittle spring metal contacts e.g., BeCu).
  • Environmental and mechanical tests conducted by independent laboratories show that even severe environments do not affect the integrity of EESeal® FilterSeal EMI Filter Inserts or the host connectors.
  • Every EESeal® is 100% tested to ensure continuity
Lockheed Martin Award for Quell Corporation
Lockheed Martin Quality Award
Image of Telephonics Quarterly Performance Award Given to Quell
Telephonics Quarterly Performance Award
Quell 2018 Supplier Award for Exceptional Quality and Delivery Performance, Presented by General Atomics Aeronautical
General Atomics Aeronautical Supplier Award