EESeals® are a permanent, effective solution for your EMI issues!
We specialize in FREE quick-turn prototypes – call us before 10 am MDT and you could be installing your custom filter into your connector tomorrow. EESeals® were designed and patented by two Electrical Engineers facing the exact same issues our customers do today. In the past, failing EMI/RFI Compliance testing meant a re-design, a board spin or adding expensive filtered connectors with long lead times. All these options add time and money to your project.


Save Money!

In production EESeals® installed in a standard connector can save on average 25-50% over a filtered connector offering similar performance. During EMC testing, EESeals® save thousands of dollars in the cost of rescheduling a trip to an EMI test lab. Save time and money! Speaking of time…

Save Time!

Adding a traditional filtered connector can add weeks or months to your project launch and production lead time. A re-design can add even more time and both require additional time for EMI testing. With EESeal® you can be EMC compliant in 24 hours and in full production in 2 weeks.

Proven Solution!

EESeals® have been used in over 14,000 high-reliability applications and more than 1,000,000 EESeals® are in the field today. Quell’s product solves EMC issues in a wide variety of applications: military ground vehicles, aircraft (fixed wing and rotary), spacecraft, medical devices and much more. EESeals® are used by the USA and NATO allies in HiRel and highly demanding battlefield applications. From the rigors of desert combat to the cold vastness of space, EESeals® have proven themselves time and time again.

Why try an EESeal?