Quell’s Mission

    • To be instrumental to our customers’ success by delivering top quality EESeal® connector inserts for high value electronics with EMI and/or transient protection issues. Provide solutions that are fast, effective and supply high value to our customers.


About Us

    • Since our founding in 1994, Quell Corporation has been committed to providing top-quality EMI/RFI filters for a wide variety of connectors. We take pride in our patented silicone rubber electronics packaging technology, and the role EESeal® has played in solving EMI problems for our great customers worldwide.
    • EESeal FilterSealQuell Corporation designs and manufacturers EMI/RFI and transient protection solutions specific to our customer’s applications and products. At our headquarters in Albuquerque, NM, Quell has the engineering horsepower and manufacturing expertise to deliver customized EESeals® quickly and cost-effectively.
    • Many of our customers have just failed EMI testing and are under tremendous pressure to find a solution NOW. Going through purchasing and waiting weeks or months is simply not an option. We get it. At Quell, we routinely design, build and ship custom prototypes overnight the same day they are requested for FREE! That’s right – zero hassle, zero cost, and you can prove your EESeal® solution the very next day.
    • EESeals® are a proven production solution.
      EESeal Manufacturing is ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified

      ISO 9001 & AS9001

      Through our 20 years of operations, we have shipped over 1 million EESeals® into around 14,000 demanding HiRel, applications worldwide.

    • In 2020, Quell was acquired by HEICO Corporation. The industrial, defense and electronics company has provided customers with innovative and cost-saving products and services for more than 60 years.

Contact Us

Contact Us

  • Quell is well positioned to serve its customers around the world with products that are available direct from the factory or through a network of independent manufacturers’ representatives. Please contact us or one of manufacturers’ representatives to discuss your requirements.